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1: Wouldn't it Be Great to Be Able to Buy a Guitar That Felt Gi...

I love guitars, and there's nothing like a new electric guitar with a proper set up! I like the tone, the way it feels in my hands, and the way that I can make a guitar sound "...

By: Rick Mariner

2: About Bagpipe Chanters- How to Buy Chanters for Your Bagpipe...

A bagpipe chanter is the part of the bagpipe that produces the melody. It is usually a narrow, conical tube that has a series of small holes. These holes are alternately covered an...

By: Ilse Hagen

3: Yamaha Electric Piano

When my daughter expressed a desire to take piano lessons, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was happy that she wanted to cultivate her musical side and I certainly didn't want to stifle that k...

By: Bobby McHavens

4: Origins of Non-Classical Guitar

Origins Of "Non-Classical" Guitar  &nbs...

By: Mike Hayes

5: The Ups and Downs of Plectra

No, it's not part of a fish! Sometimes called picks (or plectrum in the singular). They are a often overlooked aspect of playability and tone.

By: Alan Ratcliffe

6: Why Practice Drums With a Metronome?

Practicing with a metronome will improve your time keeping dramatically! What... you say you can already keep time? Try to keep time with a metronome for about twenty seconds. It will show you how ...

By: Dan Brown

7: The Banjo, Yesterday and Today

Hearing a tune played on a banjo reminds us of Dixieland, country, and definitely blues music. The blues and banjos are connected, but the blues varies according to where it’s being played. Even...

By: Cordelia Tremont

8: A Guitar Stand Buyer's Guide

When deciding to purchase a guitar stand there are several things to keep in mind. How Sturdy is it?...

By: Allen Newsom

9: Baby Grand Piano

Being able to play a musical instrument is a talent that many people wish they had. The piano is an elegant instrument and once you learn how to play it will stay with you for t...

By: Bobby McHavens

10: How to play

As the bagpiper at historic Fort Mackinac (built by the 84th Highlanders in 1780) I've piped for several million visitors over the past 18 years. This certainly does not make me a good piper, but I ...

By: Dennis Havlena

Music Related Articles:

Originality (When And How)

The very fact that you have begun to read this article indicates that you probably think originality is important. But is being original a worthy goal to have? I think most people would answer yes (in theory at least). My ans...

By: Tom Hess

Top Songs for the Holidays

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (What's in a song?) Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Do you roast chestnuts over an open fire as part of your family's Christmas tradition? Does caroling and gift ...

By: Jeremy White

Beethoven Music and Biography

Beethoven has been said to have been schizophrenic, and it’s a very good thing he was. He had a pretty rough life on the one hand but he has given us his beautiful music on the other. The reason for this i...

By: Jen Rossi

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Music Tag Editor for Mac review

Edit your music tag info easily Batch edit all tags and batch rename with metadata

A Rational Conversation: Is PC Music Pop Or Is It 'Pop'?

The dizzy, saccharine music of the London-based record label PC Music is invested in the most addictive pop of modern history, but the label's songs feel detached, almost cynical.

Naxos Music Library Introduces New iOS App

Naxos Music Library has released a new app for iOS that will make the listening experience more seamless and enjoyable for its users. This updated app is available for free to all NML users, whether i...

Aphex Twin?s ?Syro? and the pleasures of music as science fiction

The electronic music pioneer returns with his first new album in 13 years.

Music Monday (9/22): This Week's New Albums + Videos

Our guide to this week's album releases also features streams of upcoming tracks and albums from Christopher Owens, Jessie Ware, Zola Jesus, Lucinda Williams, Electric Youth, and more. Plus, catch...

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