Classical Music Reduces Stress The Easy Way to Recharge Your Brain And Relax Your Mind

By: Tania Gabrielle French

The scientific evidence is growing by leaps and bounds: music helps physical changes which help heal the body. Find out how to relax and rejuvenate using the calming sounds of classical music.

"The physiological benefits have been measured. Music reduces blood pressure, the heart rate, and hormones related to stress." - Dr Rosalia Staricoff, London, England

Your brain is a 3 pound supercomputer. It's the command center of your life and is involved in everything you do.

It is more complex than any computer we can imagine.

You have 100 billion nerve cells in your brain and every one of them connects to other nerve cells. Did you know that your brain has more connections in it than there are stars in the universe?

Just like your computer needs optimizing by clearing out unwanted clutter, your brain does too. When you optimize your brain regularly, you become the best you can be at any task – relationships, leisure, sports, creative thinking.

The first step to optimizing your brain is to protect it. From sleep deprivation. From injury. From pollution. And especially - from stress.

For example, many chemicals are toxic to your brain. Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, much caffeine, and many medications decrease blood flow to the brain. When blood flow decreases, your brain can't work efficiently.

A UCLA study showed that cocaine addicts had 23% less overall blood flow compared to the drug free group. There's more. When they measured cocaine addicts who also smoked cigarettes, blood flow dropped to 45% less. Chronic marijuana users had a whopping 85% less activity in their temporal lobes. Those lobes oversee memory and mood stability.

Same goes with sleep deprivation. If you sleep less than 8 hours a day on a consistent basis your brain will have less activity.

Stress is one of the greatest limiters to how well your brain functions. The hormones created while you're under stress are VERY toxic to your memory centers. In fact, brain cells actually DIE with prolonged stress!

That's why scientists are realizing that managing stress effectively is absolutely Crucial to good brain function.

Want a healthy, happy life? In a nutshell, reduce stress.

Thing is, it's hard to avoid stress completely. So, getting de-stressed and de-compressed the easy way is essential. High frequency classical music has been proven to do just that. What makes taking a dose of it a day so easy is that you can play it in the background while you're working, playing or sleeping.

It's the easy-does-it remedy for stress-elimination.

The great things in life, like exercising, relax and recharge At The Same Time. That's the difference between caffeine and high frequency music – the soft drinks and coffee give you an artificial high followed by a low. The music gives you a natural high plus relaxation and no negative, unhealthy side effects.

Stop filling up your low energy moments with toxins. Listen to classical music and have your brain fully optimized in no time!


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Tania Gabrielle French is a composer and author. Her music has been performed by Grammy-award winning artists worldwide. Having learned the ancient secrets for attracting prosperity, she is now living the life of her dreams. Tania's popular newsletter is read worldwide at Copyright © 2006 Tania French


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