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1: Free Music Education Center
... providing lessons on piano, guitar, jazz, classical music, songwriting, ... These lessons provide the needs up to intermediate level, both practically and ...

2: MUSIC LESSONS - Find a Private Teacher - Private Lessons .com
... directory of Classical, Jazz & Pop music teacher offering private music lessons. ... Music Lessons: Find a Private Teacher. Browse by City > ...

3: Watch & Learn - How to Play Guitar!
CVLS.COM - Providing a full array of beginning music lessons Books, DVD's, and Videos. ... Watch and Learn how to play the guitar and other music instruments. ...

4: MiBAC Music Software
[Mac-Win] Offers MiBAC Jazz and Music Lessons software. Demos available. ... Updates. for Mac OS X. MUSIC LESSONS II. Chords and Harmony. Demo. Purchase. Updates ...

5: Ricci Adams'
Includes introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, ear trainers, and books. ... is not possible, previous revisions of the lessons are available. ...

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Songwriting is a cathartic exercise that allows musicians to escape the conundrums of daily routines. From the first spark of melody to the flicker of promising lyrics, the process of creating something...

By: Lathum

The Banjo, Yesterday and Today

Hearing a tune played on a banjo reminds us of Dixieland, country, and definitely blues music. The blues and banjos are connected, but the blues varies according to where it’s being played. Even though the instrument is...

By: Cordelia Tremont

Play Piano - Preparing to Practice

When the practicing "blahs" strike, you just need an attitude adjustment. You don't have to sweat blood to practice well. You don't even have to think of it as work, or duty, or even something that you ought to do....

By: Ron Worthy

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Terry Riley Music Among Highlights of River to River Festival

Music by the minimalist master and performances by the Trisha Brown Dance Company will be part of the free festival in Lower Manhattan.

Universal Music Enterprises Announces Exclusive Record Store Day Releases fro...

Universal Music Enterprises is pleased to announce exclusive releases for Record Store Day from Nirvana, Soundgarden, Blue Note Records, Frank Zappa, Rick James and Public Enemy.

Music legend Bill Henderson says 'no' to Vancouver music cuts

The Vancouver School Board wants to eliminate elementary band and strings programs, but former Chilliwack frontman Bill Henderson says it would be devastating for students across the city.

Music multitasking, part 2: Why music anywhere, anytime, is awesome

On which I respond to Steve Guttenberg, and a few folks from the comment section, about the ?correct? way to listen to music.

Country Music Museum Grows to Match Genre

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum doubles size to offer contemporary look at genre

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