Why Haven't You Reached Your Music Career Goals?

By: Paul Tauterouff

Why Haven't You Reached Your Music Career Goals?


Seems like a simple enough question, but can you answer it?

I have read and been involved in discussions on various musicians' forums on the Internet and there are a lot of different opinions regarding this.

Here are a few common reasons people give for not becoming a pro musician:

Illegal music downloading

Fickleness of the music business

Lack of connections - not knowing the right people

No record deal

While on the surface many of these may seem like valid points, I do not agree with them. Rather than debunking each of these reasons (which would take up way too much time), I prefer to get to my point.

I think there is something even bigger than any of these reasons for you not reaching your music career goals.

What is the biggest thing standing between most of you and your music career goals?

Can you handle the truth?!! Sorry, I got carried away for a second there. : )

Here it goes……. It Is YOU!!

Now I am sure that right now a lot of you are either thinking "What the heck?" or "This is a load of bull!"

This is an understandable reaction and I would have felt the same way had I read this a few years ago. But rather than just clicking away from this article please read on and give me a chance to explain - you may just learn something!

Here are two big reasons why many musicians fail to reach their goals:

Lack of consistent action

Lack of knowledge as to what to do

Let’s take a look at these two points one at a time.

Lack of consistent action - many musicians (myself included) do not always take consistent action to move their music careers forward.

Think about it for a second: where you are at right now in your career (and your life) is a direct consequence or result of your actions (or lack thereof). You control you life and your destiny, and it is only through sustained forward moving action that you will get what you want in both your life and your music career.

Picture in your mind a ship at sea being tossed about on the waves with no one steering. What are the chances that it will reach its desired destination? Take control of your life and career and guide yourself to where you want to be!

Lack of knowledge as to what to do - many musicians do not know exactly how to reach their goals. I personally spent many years like this, basically just floating along and thinking that I was going to work a "normal" day job until I died.

So what did I do? I found myself a mentor, (Tom Hess) to coach and guide me towards my goals; someone who had experience and had already done the things I wanted to do.

If you would like to test your knowledge and readiness for a music career I highly recommend checking out the free assessment at Tom's site: http://www.tomhess.net/TestForBigSuccessAsAProMusician.aspx

I know that much of this may seem like common sense, but ask yourself honestly if you are actually doing these things before you judge it. Even if I am not teaching you anything you haven't heard before, I hope that this article makes you think and better yet, take action towards achieving your personal music career goals!

Take Care and Much Success To You,

Paul Tauterouff



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About the author: Paul Tauterouff is a professional musician and teacher in upstate New York. Paul is helping others to reach their career goals through his role as co-manager of the Music Careers Mentoring Program.

Article Source: eMusic Guides.com.

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