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Music Humor Articles:

1: Cats do listen to music (Humor) Fun stuff!!!

Cat listening to Techno

By: Mona S. Svendsen

2: Fifteen Witty Ways to Annoy Your Conductor

* Never be satisfied with the starting pitch. If the conductor uses a pitch pipe, insist on your preference for the piano - and vice versa.* Complain about the temperature of the rehearsal...

By: Phillip Cave

Music Related Articles:

Your First Recording Session

You've finally reached the point where you are ready to enter a real studio and lay down your music. It sounds easy, right? Most musicians get a real eye-opening...

By: Jeff Wheaton

Free Music Downloads: Is it Still a Big Deal?

We’ve heard about the controversy surrounding Napster and the artists in the music industry who do not want their music downloaded for free. With all of the debates over downloading music for free off of the internet...

By: Nathan T. Lynch

The Birth of Legal Music Downloads

In recent years, less people have been buying CDs and many are now downloading music online. This is due to the emergence of music download sites like Napster, and the rising popularity of MP3 ...

By: Morgan Hamilton

Updated Music Related News:

Sony Music Feat. b-pack "Better Visibility"

Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world's biggest music corporations, chooses b-pack Purchase-to-Pay solution to gain visibility and control over its global spend that allows better managem...

Here Are 4 Things We Want in YouTube?s New Music Streaming Service

It seems that YouTube?s oft-delayed subscription music streaming service may soon see the light of day. The service was slated to launch by the end of the summer, the Financial Times reported in June,...

The Numbers Add Up For YouTube's New Music Key Service

YouTube's new music service will reportedly be called Music Key and attempt to take advantage of the popularity of music on the platform. Just a quick look at the numbers show that the service doe...

Music Streaming Site Guvera And Its Domination Plan In Southeast Asia

?Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent? ? Victor Hugo Without doubt, music plays a big part of our lives: and music streaming sites such as Spotify, D...

Medieval monk music inspires Goldie

A piece of medieval religious music from the Scottish Borders inspires a collaboration between a DJ and Oxford University academic.

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